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Inbound passengers can enjoy the free use of a Skype Internet telephone

Kaohsiung International Airport is pleased to offer all inbound passengers the free use of a Skype Internet telephone

Reflecting the desire for many passengers arriving home to announce their safe arrivals to family and friends, or business travelers in need of contacting airport receptionists, amid a dwindling number of public payphones as handsets are increasingly popular, let alone the trouble of getting coins or buying a phone card to operate a payphone, making contact on a foreign handset further presents the issues of expensive roaming charges or Internet login charges.

In an effort to address the foresaid issue, Kaohsiung International Airport has joined hands with PCHome Online to present five units of Skype Internet telephones for free use of all passengers. Through the Skype phone, passengers can dial not only international calls, but also phone handsets, long-distance or inner city calls.

With Kaohsiung International Airport unveiling the service, International flight inbound passengers can spot the free Skype Internet telephone area by the ground floor immigration check upon arrival, to pick up the phone and enjoy the free calls, and the service is free to all passengers to enjoy.





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