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03/02 (Sat) 02:17 (GMT+8)
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Energy Policy

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In order to promote the energy efficiency of Kaohsiung international airport, the airport authority Kaohsiung aims to provide excellent service for the users of the airport buildings and equipment; at the same time, the authority also aims to give efforts to keep the equal or lower the electricity consumption of each passenger. Hereby, we promise to reduce our energy consumption constantly and to improve our energy efficiency continually. Our aim of electricity consumption is to reduce 1% gradually each year. For the sake of fulfilling this goal, we build up the energy usage evaluation system based on the standard of ISO 50001:2011. We will confirm all the requirements of the standards are about to be ready, and continually improve all the flow path of the energy usage evaluation system. We will examine the following items at regular intervals:


  1. To improve the budget and the preparation of the equipment  
  2. with everyone’s involvement, to establish and to operate the energy usage evaluation system smoothly, and meanwhile; to undertake the responsibilities accordingly. 
  3. to conform to the regulations and other energy usage requirements. 
  4. to regularly evaluate the energy efficiency, usage, and consumption 
  5. to introduce and to implement the improvement plan of the energy efficiency.  
  6. to prioritize to purchase high energy efficient products and service, in order to promote the energy performance 
  7. to audit the energy monitoring and the assessments.