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The Service Counter

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The Service Counter (Wheelchair, baby pram loaning service)

The service counter is located in a prominent spot on the 3/F concourse. All are welcome to inquire concerning the service

International flight service counter business hours: 05:30~21:00, contact telephone: 07-8057631

International flight service counter

Domestic Flight service counter business hours: 08:00~21:00, contact telephone: 07-8057630

Domestic Flight service counter

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7.Others Services

Baby pram loaning

Outbound passengers borrowing baby prams do not need to leave ID cards or fill out the information, and can pass directly through the security check gate to enter the control area. They only need to leave the baby prams at the boarding lounge or the service counter within the control area before boarding the plane, as there will be designated personnel to collect the prams as part of the airport amenities.