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05/20 (Mon) 22:48 (GMT+8)
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Biodiversity and Anti-Deforestation Commitment

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Kaohsiung International Airport (KIA) recognizes biodiversity as a precious natural asset and that preserving natural ecosystems is the pivotal foundation of sustainable development. As a part of the global citizen community, KIA commits to align with the developing international biodiversity and forest conservation trends. KIA pledges to actively avoid and minimize the impacts of its operations and development on biodiversity.


In support of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15: Life on land, Kaohsiung International Airport is committed to begin

by  addressing its operation and invite all stakeholders in the airport to collaboratively support biodiversity and anti-deforestation to safeguard Taiwan’s natural ecosystem and sustainable development.


Kaohsiung International Airport is committed to the following actions:

  1. To avoid, minimize, mitigate, restore, and offset any ecological impacts resulting from the airport operation and future development.
  2. To implement environmental education by actively promoting the importance of biodiversity and forest conservation, with the goal of raising awareness of ecological conservation among the airport stakeholders (employees, station units, communities, and the public).
  3. To collaborate with external experts from academic and research institutions, conservation entities, and NGOs to understand biodiversity issues, develop and plan collaborative strategies, and jointly implement best practices for conserving biodiversity and prohibiting deforestation.
  4. To prohibit the smuggling and importation of wild flora and fauna, and collaborate to combat illegal wildlife trade. 
  5. To protect natural resources, minimize the use of harmful substances, and promote resource recycling.
  6. To prohibit deforestation for airport operations, and actively urge stakeholders in the airport to implement anti-deforestation measures.