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Airplane in the sky


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  • Director:Manage overall matters in the airport, direct and supervise subordinates.
  • Deputy Director:Assist Director to deal with the airport affairs, and manage the Maintenance & Engineering Planning and Programming Accounting office, and Central Contral Centor.
  • Deputy Director:Assist DIrector to deal with the airport affairs, and manage the Management Service, Flight Operations, General Affairs, and Personnel Office.
  • Business Services Section:In charge of the administering and working of the airport, equipment maintenance, and passenger services.
  • Maintenance Section:In charge of the management and maintenance of all equipments and instruments in the airport.
  • Filght Operations Section:In charge of inspection of the Air Safety, Attendants, Aircrafts, Fire Equipments, and Medical etc. Fire Station.
  • Planning Section:In charge of the annual plan, research & development, assassment, rles and regulations, and meatings etc.
  • General Affairs Section:In charge of documentations, administrative matters, properties, payments, and other affairs that don't belong to other offices.
  • Accounting Office:In charge of accounting year accounting and statistics etc.
  • Personnel Office:In charge of manpower and personnel management.
  • Central Control Center:In charge of information matters, airport activities, cleaning & maintenance, and maintenance and management of electricalengineering.
  • Civil Services Ethics office:In charge of personnal ethic assessment, and government ethics supervisal.
  • Hengchun Airport