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International Terminal

Family Mart Convenience Store

Services:Convenience Store

Location:International Terminal first floor Arrival Hall eastern side

Service Phone:07-8068559

Opening Hours:06:00~24:00

Family Mart

Homee Kitchen

Services:We offer Chinese and Western light meals and cuisine, authentic southern style snacks and Chinese specialty dishes, evenbrought inthe authentic Taiwanese beef noodles, at the same time providing tea, coffee, sparkling mineral water and other beverages. The most important thing is to offer the services at a reasonable price, which should be the same as the catering services offered in the urban area, while providing a more diversified food and beverage choices for the travelers.

Location:In International Terminal third floor Departure Control Area east area near Boarding Gate 26/ west area near Boarding Gate 31

Service Phone:07-8057850

Opening Hours:5:30 ~ 21:00 (Services are provided according to the flights)

Homee Kitchen

Starbucks Coffee

Services:Coffee、Light Meals、Merchandise

Location:1F,arrivals lobby

Service Phone:07-8066590

Opening Hours:06:00~22:00


Domestic Terminal

Family Mart Convenience Store

Services:Convenience Store

Location:Domestic Terminal first floor

Service Phone:07-8070895

Opening Hours:06:00~20:00

Family Mart Convenience Store