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Long Distance Bus Schedule

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Long Distance Bus Interval

  1. To ensure passenger safety, do not take illegal commercial vehicles.
  2. Long distance bus going from this stop to Kenting takes about 2.5 hours.If you wish to arrive at Kenting faster, we suggest you take Metro from this stop to HSR Zouying Station and take the express bus to Kenting at Exit 2. The express bus only takes 2 hours (bus interval is 30 min, the bus will make 5 stops only on the way, the ticket price is NT$ 391).

Southbound Bus (to Kenting)

  • Bus Route
    Detailed route map please refer to the Kaohsiung Bus Company’s route informationService Phone: 0800-7777-67 or 886-7-2357841

  • Ticket Price
    Kaohsiung Airport to Kenting one - way ticket full price NT$ 309. Half-price ticket NT$ 154 (children under 163 cm in height, for children who are under 145 cm please see the Kaohsiung Bus transport contract for more details.Golden Founders Travel Agency counter at the Airport Arrival Hall is the reseller for the bus tickets and provides the real time information of the running buses.

  • Bus Intervals and Departure Schedule
    The travel time from this stop to Kenting takes about 2 hrs. 30min.Bus interval is about 20 to 30 min. Detailed schedule (departing from Kaohsiung to the airport take about 30 to 40 min). Bus hours: 6:00 to 1:00 of the next day.

※ Above information is subject to the company's announcement

Northbound Bus

  • Bus stop location map as above
  • Ho-Hsin Bus Company

Ho-Hsin Bus Company suspended the operation of the route from this stop to Chiayi since May 16, 2014.For passengers heading for the Chiayi area, please take the Metro to Kaohsiung Railway Station to transfer to train or other buses, we apologize for the inconvenience.