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Traffic information to Kenting

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Public transportation system

The one-way bus fare from Kaohsiung International Airport to Kenting is NT$327, and the discounted fare is NT$144. The bus ride to Kenting is at least 2.5 hours. For further information on the bus service, please call 0800-7777-67 or 886-7-2357841, or click on the following link to access the bus schedule.

Pick-up service to Kenting (with driver)

Service provider Charge Location Telephone E-MAIL
Hotai Leasing Corp.

Starting from NT$3200

one-way,with a driver

Car Rental Center 0800-024-550
CarPlus Auto Leasing Corp.

Starting from NT$3000

one-way,with a driver

Car Rental Center 07-8010019
Cab service at taxi ranks

Fares calculated by meters,

approximately NT$2000 one-way

In front of terminal building 07-8032042

Car Rental (without a driver)

Rental services are available from Hotai Leasing Corp. (Tel: 07-8070333) and CarPlus Auto Leasing Corp. (Tel: 07-8010019) at the Car Rental Center.

All information above is subject to terms and conditions of each service provider.