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Barrier-free facilities (domestic terminal)

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Service ring

There is a service ring directly connected to the service counter at the curb in front of the terminal

Parking spaces for rehabilitation buses and barrier-free taxis are set up at the curb of the terminal:

Parking spaces for rehabilitation buses and barrier-free taxis are set up on the 1F of the terminal to facilitate passengers with disabilities to enter and exit the terminal.

Disabled parking spaces

In the domestic terminal parking lot, there are six disabled parking spaces. Please present the yellow card and disability card or the family members and necessary companions take the disabled out of the country. When leaving the venue, please present the copy or a picture of the boarding pass of the disabled person. Parking is free of charge on the day, and the parking fee will be charged according to the parking lot charging standard from 0:00 a.m. after the day has passed.

Disabled parking spaces

Dedicated telephone

1. The public telephone area at the exit of the terminal.

2. In the waiting rooms, there are dedicated telephones for the disabled.

Accessible toilets

1. Outside the control area: baggage delivery area.

2. Inside the control area: After passing the security check, there will be accessible toilets and indication signs along the route.

Services for the disabled at the service counter

The service counter staff and volunteers assist in informing the airlines staff to provide registration services, filling in forms, language communication and guidance services for the visually impaired.

Slope-type boarding aids

In order to improve the service quality on domestic flights for the disabled, Kaohsiung International Airport has purchased from the United States slope-type boarding aids that meet international standards, which meet the needs of the disabled for boarding.

Handling procedures for passengers with disabilities at the terminal

  1. Take land transportation to the terminal and assistance is required.
  2. Use the service ring for the disabled to notify the terminal service staff to assist; or the terminal service staff or airline service staff will also take the initiative to provide assistance to the disabled.
  3. The terminal service staff confirm the needs and provide preliminary services.
  4. Hand over to airline staff for follow-up service.
  5. Take the plane and leave the terminal.

Handling Procedures for passengers with disabilities to leave the terminal

  1. The aircraft arrives at the terminal and assistance is required.
  2. Airline service staff assist the disabled to get off the plane.
  3. Leave the terminal by land transportation.