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Prohibited Articles

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Prohibited Articles

Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the airplane. In addition, mobile phones, personal transceivers, various remote controls (such as remote controls for electric toys), CD players and other electronic transmitters are also prohibited throughout the flight. Additionally, utilization of electronic products such as video recorders, video games, computers and peripherals, calculators, FM radios, TV sets, and electric razors is also prohibited throughout the flight for domestic routes. As for international routes, these restrictions only apply to the take-off and landing (flight below 10,000 feet).

Please do not carry the following items onboard to maintain flight safety:

Article Type




Fuel oil such as gasoline and diesel, matches, paint,

igniters and so on.








Prohibited as

either check-in or carry-on


Pressurized gas

Such as pressurized gas containers, diver oxygen tanks,  spray paint, pesticides and so on.

Corrosive materials


Such as strong acid, strong alkali, mercury, lead-acid

batteries etc.


Various firearms and ammunition, fireworks,

firecrackers, flares etc.

Poisonous materials & infectious substances

Pesticides, herbicides, live virus cultures etc.

Radioactive materials

Ionized radioactive materials such as uranium, iodine,

cesium, cobalt and tritium, nuclides

Oxidized materials

Bleach water, bleach powder, industrial hydrogen,

peroxide, etc.

Other Dangerous/

Prohibited Items

Dangerous items that can be used for attack or defense such as magnetic materials and other objects (such as

knives, swords, clubs, rods, arrows, pepper spray etc.)

Suitcases with anti-theft alarm and other objects which may affect flight security are prohibited to be carried onto the plane or shipped via check-in baggage.

● Please check with Civil Aeronautics Administration for the latest versions of the aforementioned related regulations.